Central Vacuum Systems

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Central Vacuum SystemsAt Central Vacuums Stores, we've been providing our customers with the widest choice of central vacuum systems for over 30 years, with brands like Nutone, Beam, Vacuflo, and Vacu-Maid. Don't be confused by our name, central vacuum systems are not our only specialty. We also offer intercom systems, vacuum cleaners from leading brands like Miele, ironing centers, ventilation fans and more. Whether you are looking for new products, parts, or installation advice, call the team of experts at Central Vacuum Stores. We also offer complementary central vacuum technical support.

A Central Vacuum System can be installed in new construction or existing homes. Central Vacuum Stores offers one of the largest selections of central vacuum cleaners, accessories, attachment sets, bags, filters, motors, parts, installation kits & pipe, fittings and More. At Central Vacuum Stores we don't just carry the leading brands, we are Factory Authorized Dealers for brands like Imperium, Beam, Nutone, Vacuflo, Vacu-Maid, RhinoVac, AstroVac, Eureka, Budd, Electrolux, and others. Learn More Here

Central Vacuum Stores has been installing central vacuum systems in our local market for decades. All homes are not created equal, and it is important to get the right system for your needs. If you are considering installing a central vacuum system in your home, let us help you in your decision making process. As always, if you have any questions just call one of our experts at 561-744-6166 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Central Vacuum DIY Knowledge Base

We have compiled a library full of information for the do-it-yourselfer. Look here for install guides, product information, manufacturer's manuals, pdf's, and so much more.

Central Vacuum All In One Packages

Here we have assembled a large variety of interactive package solutions. Create the package you want or call us at 
561-744-6166 and we'll go over every detail of your personalized central vacuum package solution. Once you feel satisfied, you can order right over the phone, or we can email you a copy of what we've talked about and you can simply click on the provided link and convert your personalized package into a shopping cart order. You can also use our Quick Quote form, and we'll email you back a proposal that can instantly be converted into an order by clicking the link provided.

Central Vacuum Power Units

Shop for central vacuum power units by type, price, house size, or brand. Look at the units recommended by our staff and those that have received high ratings from our customers. You can even shop for units made in the USA. At Central Vacuum Stores we offer a wide variety of ways to shop for just the right central vacuum for your home or business.

Central Vacuum Attachment Sets and Tool Kits

Shop for central vacuum attachments and tool kits for your central vacuum system from name brands such as NuTone, Beam, Vacuflo, Vacu-Maid, Imperium, and More. Not sure of your brand, see our attachment sets from A to Z. These attachments are manufactured to fit most brands of Central Vacuum Systems. If the selections below are confusing to you, scroll down where we explain how to determine the options you should select.

Central Vacuum Hose Systems

Having a retractable hose for your central vacuum makes vacuuming even easier. Hide-A-Hose and Doc-It actually store your central vacuum hose right inside your wall, and once done vacuuming you simply retract the hose right back inside your wall. The suction of your vacuum is what's used to make the hose retract back into your wall. There are no moving parts to worry about and no hose left on the floor to put away. The Vacuflo Spot is very similar to the hide-a-hose and is excellent for smaller areas. We also offer the Vacuflo Vroom. This can be installed just about anywhere you need a quick clean up.

Central Vacuum Hoses

Central Vacuum Hoses are like everything in our consumer oriented world and like Burger King's old slogan, "Have it Your Way". If you start shopping for a hose on our website, you will be amazed at the variety of options you have. Knowing what type of inlet your central vacuum system uses is the most important thing to know in purchasing a hose. Once you know that, finding what you want and need should be easy. You'll have options like the type of handle you want, the type of material it's made of, the color, the length, an on/off switch, a hose sock, and other options. We carry genuine hoses made by the manufacturers of the Central Vacuum units like Beam, Vacuflo, and Nutone or you can purchase one that will fit your system even if it's not made by the manufacturer of your system.

Central Vacuum Installation Components

Shop for Central Vacuum Installation All-In-One Kits - kits with vacuum pipe, or kits with adaptors to use plumbing pipe. Find components such as Inlets, Pipe, Fittings, steel tubing, flex tube, wire, and more. Just getting started, or need some help, check out our DIY Information, or give us a call with any questions at 561-744-6166.

Central Vacuum Parts

We specialize in central vacuum parts for any brand of central vacuum systems. Find central vacuum motors by brand, by motor number, or just motor carbon brushes if that's all you need to replace. We also carry inlets, fittings & pipe, bags & filters, hoses, attachment sets, power heads, wands, and other accessories. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or just need help, we're just a phone call away 561-744-6166.

Central Vacuum Accessories

Cleaning furniture, cars, beds, blinds, curtains, ceiling fans, and more with your central vacuum is a cinch with the correct accessories. With so many cleaning jobs and everyone's home unique, we put together a vast assortment to choose from. Enjoy shopping, and rest assured that all of these accessories will work with your system.

Central Vacuum Commercial Systems

Regardless of your application, whether small, large, or somewhere in between, Central Vacuum Stores has the experience and the expertise to assist you in the selection, design, and installation of a central vacuum system. Having installed commercial and industrial central vacuum systems in Nursing Homes, Airport Control Towers, Manufacturing Plants, Public and Private Schools, Restaurants, Post Offices, Hotels, Churches, Manufacturing Plants, Fire Stations, Hair Salons, Office Buildings, Veterinarian Offices, Police Stations, and more, we have the experience to determine what will work in your facility. Some of our past commercial clients include, Home Shopping Network, Vision Works, Orlando International Airport Control Tower, Tropicana Bottling Plant, Super Cuts, Denny's, Bob Evans, Eva-Tone, and Perkins.

Central Vacuum Specialty Systems

Our Hair Salon Central Vacuum Packages and Pets and Vets Central Vacuum Systems are specifically designed for picking up hair on the job. The Hair Salon Package Solutions offer you the opportunity to design your own system. You can always give us a call and let one of our experts help you design a specific system for your salon, office, or home.